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We provide comprehensive services for designing applications for servers and websites, from analysis of your requirements, designing solutions and selecting suitable technologies to the final implementation, including provision of all infrastructure, domains, e-mail solutions, monitoring, etc.

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We have been designing reliable applications for many years. We are constantly improving our know-how and working to make each of our applications user-friendly, fast and secure. We provide a full range of services addressing all the aspects of your projects that need to be addressed, from planning to live operation and satisfied users.

ikona technologie

Business analyses

We analyze and consult on your requirements so that together we can find the best solutions and technologies for your projects, whether from a technical viewpoint, a business and financial viewpoint, or with respect to the project features.

ikona prostředí


E-shops, Content (content management systems), API, CRM, anything tailored/customized.

ikona technologie

Infrastructure, operations

Operation of your applications: staging, testing, CI/CD, process automation, agile development.

ikona domény


Domain registration, administration and possible registration of trade (business) names. Help with e-mails and management of your tools.

A range of technology

We always choose suitable technology for a project. We like to use technologies that have proven their quality over the years, but at the same time we are curious to learn about new technologies, and we are not afraid to use innovative solutions and procedures where appropriate. Our work is based mostly on open-source technologies and programming languages.

ikona navrhy kreativa


XMind (mind map) ~ Notes ~ Moleskine Flow ~ Figma, Zeplin

ikona projekt management

Project Management

Trello ~ Clockify ~ GIT, Gitlab, Github, BitBucket ~ Slack ~ Hangouts/Meet

ikona backend


Python, Django ~ PostgreSQL, MariaDB (MySQL), document DB, time series DB ~ Redis, Memcache ~ Nginx web server ~ ElasticSearch

ikona frontend


HTML5 ~ SASS ~ VUE, JavaScript ~ Bootstrap

ikona devops automatizace


Ansible ~ GitLab CI/CD
~ Debian Linux
~ Docker


Below is a selection of projects we have designed as well as ones we technically operate. Behind each project is our team of developers who have expended a lot of effort to create a unique product tailored exactly to our client's requirements.

Jíme zdravě logo

Complete Development, Analyses and Project Management

In 2018, we took over a troubled older website and wrote a completely new application to replace it.

We have implemented APIs for mobile applications, an e-shop, push notifications and messages, as well as many connections to external services, from payment gateways to big queries, invoicing, banks, warehouses and shipping. We have strengthened the team and we are extensively developing the project - all with an emphasis on speed and safety.

Imper logo

Agile Project Management and Development

At IMPER I have tried and managed to import and promote popular methods for organizing development, using Trello and Slack, some development sprints, etc.

When this innovation was set up, I started programming on the Merk, Leady and most recently Firmograph projects. Data was always the key focus. Big data. Crawling, processing...

Petlan logo

A Complete Portfolio of Services

Since 2008, we have been creating tailor-made e-shops for our clients, designing specific solutions with language, currency, VAT and other mutations, and we have been taking care of domains, e-mail systems and operational infrastructure.

We are now preparing a new e-shop cooperating with the VARIO system, designed mainly for B2B, with an API for partners and large customers.

Anyone who knows VARIO or their AVIS "API" even superficially will understand that this is not an easy task.

Percolate logo

Creating Advanced Applications for a US Client

Work in a distributed team – one client in CZ, another in the US. Design and implementation of more advanced applications in Python/Django. 2016-17.

What our clients say...

Vítek is one of the few Engineers I know that are able to come up with very creative ideas and actually get the job done. He is dedicated and highly independent but also able to work efficiently in a team. Always thinking out of the box and finding seemingly impossible solutions.

Tomáš Berger


Vítek is an exceptionally skilled software developer. Delivered work is of high quality and in time. Review needed turned out to be next to nothing. It's a pleasure to talk projects as well as other stuff. He is open to others. As well as other recommenders I also notice Vítek works in a way so he can be later proud of the results. That's a good drive.

Ing. Vladimír Macek

experienced software engineer, trainer, manager

About our company

We are creative in designing solutions, we are strong in project analysis, and when we create their foundations and superstructures, our work is precise. We aim for speed and security of source codes. We emphasize detail and usability. Our clients are our partners. Thanks to our clients, we have an opportunity to constantly work on ourselves and improve our performance.

Vítek Pliska

Vítek Pliska

founder, system architect, senior dev
Petra Sedláčková

Petra Sedláčková

business analyst, project management, finance
Honza Hošek

Honza Hošek

senior dev, devops
Honza Kovanda

Honza Kovanda

dev, project management
Petr Vlček

Petr Vlček

graphic design, photo, video, print
Dominik Hulina

Dominik Hulina

devops, dev
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And others...

development, testing, design, frontend..

Remote developers, testers, other colleagues, who helps us with project when is it needed.